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Kenya’s Number #1 boutique modeling agency, founded in May 2016, by one of Kenya’s Top Models, Miss Paynette Joan.  

Currently labeled, the fastest growing modeling agency in Kenya, we have earned our stripes in high fashion, commercials and pageantry. Our self critical approach ensures we execute above and beyond client expectations.

Our mission is to create a professional environment and structure for the Kenyan modeling scene, by mentoring and educating upcoming model talent.

Velour Academy through #velourtalks, managed by a team of dedicated experienced trainers, ensure, we reach as many models as possible in the country.

We are home to 50 male, female and plus size models and have trained at least 150 models since launching in 2016.

We are proud of the exposure, quality of work and clientele that our models continue to book. We are excited take the Kenyan Modeling Scene to a new level


Our ability to efficiently execute every task is unmatched.  We provide Professionals!


Our self critical approach to tasks ensures that we continuously achieve client satisfaction. 


Our team ensures the same level of commitment and execution every time, with no supervision



Velour Model Management- A beginners guide

Every career requires education and dedication. The greatest athletes, innovators and world leaders, did not become great overnight, they had to work to become great! Modeling is no different. 

Your decision to start sets the pace for your career, and continuous learning fuels your dedication. Eventually you become a pro. 

Velour Model Management is dedicated to ensuring you start right. We put together a simple guide for aspiring models. 

This guide will help you understand how the modeling industry works, what type of modeling you can venture into and how to start. 

Available in Soft Copy at Ksh. 500.