Heena Amin


I am a 24 year model, a lover of art in all its forms, paintings, poetry, music, dance you name it

I feel the most thrilled when I express myself through writing, drumming, and painting.

I’d describe myself as incredibly soulful and I am on a constant mission to rediscover the bliss of feeling alive in the most mundane of ways.

For almost a year now, I have been on an intense mental health journey that has had all sorts of ups and downs. This deepened my connection to my ongoing voluntary experience with Savannah Foundation.  Their purpose is to promote mental health through offering free therapy to the less privileged youth alongside county circuits that spread awareness and educate people on matters dealing with mental health.

With these experiences, I would love to use the Miss Velour Crown to further my scope of influence in impacting the mental health of the youth in this country.