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Model polaroids are new yet very important marketing material for models who want to work with international clients. Many upcoming models in Kenya have missed out on career-launching opportunities because they don’t have the right branding material.

The Kenyan clientele is yet to grasp the concept of a polaroid image, most clients prefer editorial images. Casting directors and other creatives have started adopting polaroid images as a CASTING TOOL. In East Africa, major fashion shows like Kampala Fashion Week, Hub of Africa Addis Ababa, Swahili Fashion Week, etc, require models to submit at least one polaroid headshot and full-body polaroid image as part of their portfolio.

We create standard model polaroid cards, favorable for the East African Market, for all models signed by the agency. We, love to extend this opportunity to models, upcoming or established not signed by us, who want professionally done polaroid images. These photoshoot sessions are as informative as possible, we teach posing techniques and photography must-knows.


Modeling polaroids, (also known as digitals) are images of a model in their most natural state. The model should not wear any makeup, nor style their hair for this type of photoshoot. They should wear fitting clothes (sometimes bikinis for the ladies and boxer shorts for the men). Female models can wear heels to improve their posture.
Polaroids should be as recent as possible and updated as often as possible.
It is advisable to take model polaroids in natural light, with a good camera phone, against a plain background. It is important to do research on the market you want to apply to; some markets favor polaroids that look professionally taken (as is the case in Kenya) while some markets prefer to have polaroid images taken using phone cameras (as in the case in 2nd and 1st world markets)


Polaroids are the images that you send to an agency to get signed, or to a client, to book a job. A polaroid card is simply a compilation of, your polaroid images in a 5.5″ by 8.5″ card, that can be carried around to auditions.

Many agencies, create polaroid cards for their models and organize polaroid photoshoots for them, polaroid images are what agencies send to clients. In our experience, many models in Kenya, submit selfies and heavily filtered screenshot images from their social media platforms when applying for work.

Clients find this disrespectful and conclude that the model does not take their career seriously, and therefore will not take the job seriously.

The Kenyan fashion industry has a bias for professionals, individuals who take time to build their personal brands and present themselves as people who know what they are doing.

Velour Model Management


  1. Send your card to modeling agencies looking for models or scouting throughout the year
  2. Send your polaroid images to agencies/clients who are looking for models for a specific assignment
  3. Upload your polaroid card to your social media/website and start building your portfolio
  4. Share your polaroid card with industry professionals during a networking event, it acts as a business card for beginner models
  5. When attending an audition, if you do not have a portfolio, present your polaroid images

Create your model polaroid card with us!
Join us as we shoot model polaroids on the 10th of March 2021
Book your slot by sending an email to


  1. One of my 2021 resolutions is to venture into modeling industry. And getting an opportunity to work with you will be a dream come true. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

  2. Hey, my name is Mary and am really interested in modeling. Would wish to join you to make 2021 one of the most productive and a dream come true year.
    Kind Regards,

      1. Hellow my name is Meresia Atieno, modeling and acting has been my dream which am trying to fulfill , some people do it for money but me I want to do it to express feelings with deferent design and colours ,I wish to join you for support and a chance to make 2022 the best and a history year ever ,thank you

  3. Sheila Waceke Magondu

    Hello good afternoon velour, my name is sheila waceke ,age 21 currently in kenya .
    I have been dreaming of joining your agency for the longest time to pursue my career in modeling professionally ,I would really love a chance at your agency . I am looking forward to the opportunity of working with you .
    Kind regards,

      1. Hello
        I’m damilola, I ‘d love to be scouted as a model too.
        I’d love to be a professional model.
        It has been my dream and I hope it would come true through you.
        Thank yoi

  4. Hello am Patricia,
    Am 15 and would like to join the industry through my fresh looks and the confidence beyond my ability can be visible through my posture, walking ,dressing ,facial expression and mentality. Am looking forward with being a teen model so as to pursue my dream career and bring your company to the high level of popularity. Thank you.

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