Velour Model Academy is your pathway to actualizing your modeling dreams.  We are your best bet if you have always dreamt of walking big fashion shows, shooting for top magazines, having your face on a billboard, or winning a pageant title. 

The Model Academy was conceived in 2013 when our founder started her career as a model trainer and pageant coach. Growing from a small campus pageant training camp into an entire academy took more than 8 years of continuous learning and investment. 

In 2016, Velour Model Management was established and in 2017, we opened our doors to models who were not signed by the agency to train with our models. Our desire has always been to help models make informed decisions and equip them with the necessary skill set to build a career in modeling. 

We are proud to have trained some of Kenya’s most sought-after models, working both locally and internationally.

Velour Model Academy was officially established in 2022. Our facility ensures step-by-step, personalized training and mentorship. Our trainers and coaches are equipped and excited to help you grow. 

See you in Class!

Velour Model Academy


Since its inception in 2016, Velour Model Management has been known as the Number 1 model management for fashion models.

Our models have walked every major runway in East Africa.  2 of our alumni are currently placed in South Africa and London. 

Our vision as an academy is to equip models with the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure they can work in any market in the world.

Velour Model Academy offers holistic training. We ensure that once you are done with our classes, your career takes off. We cover everything including: 

  • Modeling industry dynamics
  • Social media and branding
  • Photography
  • Contracts and release forms
  • Rate Sheets
  • Catwalk

We have an intake every month and our classes run through the week, from Monday to Friday

Download our Training Brochure below. 

Miss World Kenya


Beauty pageants have for a long time been the launching pad for many models. 

The Velour Model Academy beauty pageantry class prepares you, not just for the competition, but also for the crown. 

The class covers:

  • Communication and Public Speaking
  • Etiquette and fine dining
  • Grooming
  • Social media and Branding
  • Photography
  • Catwalk
  • Community Service
  • Proposal writing and presentation

We coached Miss World Kenya 2019 and 2021, who placed Top 40 and Top 13 respectively in the Miss World Top Model Competition

Our intake runs every month and the pageantry class is a 3 months comprehensive class.  

Download the Training Brochure Below

Velour Model Academy


Commercial modeling is one of the broadest and most accommodating types of modeling. 

At Velour Model Academy, we do our best to cover all types of commercial modeling and every aspect of it. There is a lot to learn including:

  • Commercial Auditions (online and physical)
  • Demo/Show Reels
  • Pay rates and negotiation
  • Contracts and Release forms
  • Casting agencies, directors, and advertising agencies
  • Social Media and branding
  • Networking

Our monthly commercial modeling class takes place every Friday from 9 am to 11 am.

Download the Training Brochure Below

Jeanette Oloo


Winning a local beauty pageant is one thing, but competing at an international level is a whole other journey. 

Whether an appointed title or a crowned title, we are here to prepare you for the international competition. 

At Velour Model Academy we understand the pressure involved in preparing for an international competition. We, therefore, offer pageant coaching to title holders for 3-6 months ahead of their international competition. 

We are rigorous and thorough, to ensure victory or placement. 

This opportunity is open to both local and international title holders without a coach. 

We cannot wait to see you win!

Contact us at to book an appointment

Velour Model Management


Modeling is a broad career, there are many types of modeling with different opportunities and requirements.

Velour Model Academy was founded with the desire to teach models how to build a career in modeling. Gone are the days when everything had to be learned through experience.

 We have trained numerous models, all of whom we take time to advice and guide on the right career paths. 

If you are aspiring to become a model, we recommend a consultation session first. Learn the type of modeling you can do, and how to build a career out of it. 

This is what the Velour Model Academy career consultation is about. We help you make the right decision from the onset. 

To book a consultation appointment, send an email to

Velour Model Academy


A modeling portfolio is a standard marketing tool for every model, beginner or established.
What should you include in your portfolio?
What type of portfolio should you have? 
How do you use your portfolio to get work? 

We answer these questions and more when you book a Portfolio Consultation session with us. 

Send an email to  to book your portfolio consultation appointment.